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          Link Related to Canada in some say Ottawa failed to spend almost $8B in promised defence cash over recent years
          Military | 1 hits
          Documents show billions of planned spending not spent over the last two complete fiscal years.

          Canadian News


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          Peloton loses $942M in one day as backlash over 'sexist' holiday ad sends stock tumbling nearly 10%
          Funny | 55 hits
          2 Comment
          Peloton Interactive Inc's stock fell 9.12 percent on Tuesday, and analysts attributed the drop to negative publicity over the exercise equipment company's Christmas commercial.
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          Link Related to Canada in some say Flock of wild turkeys invade Mill Bay neighbourhood, 'gobble' up plants
          Strange | 42 hits
          3 Comment
          A flock of wild turkeys recently invaded a quiet Mill Bay neighbourhood, sending the community into an amused buzz.
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          Link Related to Canada in some say Map of potential school shooting outlined goal to kill '150 - 200 people'
          Law & Order | 48 hits
          The Saskatoon police say they have arrested someone after threats to an east side high school were made online. The map, which was originally posted on social media, included information on where shooters would be set up, how they would disguise themselve
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          Link Related to Canada in some say Canadian families will pay nearly $500 more in 2020 for food
          Business | 48 hits
          3 Comment
          The average Canadian family will pay up to an extra $487 for food next year, according to an annual report involving Halifax and Ontario university researchers that highlights climate change as a culprit for rising prices, especially in the produce depart
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          Link Related to Canada in some say U.S. doubles number of 5-year bans on travellers from Canada
          Political | 64 hits
          The number of travellers from Canada hit with long-term bans when trying to enter the U.S. has almost doubled, new data shows.
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          Pakistani investigators say hundreds of girls and women being sold to China
          Misc World | 66 hits
          1 Comment
          Pakistani investigators have confirmed at least 629 girls and women from across the country were sold as brides to Chinese men and taken to China ?but their work to curtail the trafficking is being thwarted.
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          Link Related to Canada in some say More plane troubles for the PM, replacement sent to fly NATO delegation home | CTV News
          Military | 61 hits
          The plane that flew Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to NATO ?a replacement to begin with ?has engine troubles and another aircraft has been sent to London to bring the delegation back.
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          New Paper Presents Photo Evidence Affirming Equatorial Region Sea Levels Have FALLEN Since The 1600s
          Environmental | 65 hits
          photo evidence confirms sea levels in 5 studied equatorial regions have fallen by about 60 cm since the 17th century…and remained stable since the 1970s.

          Canadian News


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          Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson are caught appearing to gossip about Trump
          Political | 98 hits
          In a clip shared online the three world leaders seem to be discussing Trump. None of the men mention Trump by name but Trudeau seems to refer to POTUS.

          Canadian News


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